Bella Bluegrass

Bella™ Bluegrass, new to the turfgrass market this year, is the worlds’s first and only dwarf bluegrass that is propagated vegetatively.  With its rapid horizontal growth, Bella can quickly repair damage.  But its hallmark feature is its minimal vertical growth.  Bella only grows 3” to 4” in height, meaning the end user will mow 50% to 80% less.  Bella has exceptional heat tolerance and a dark, alpine green color.  It will be perfect for golf course superintendants that want a manicured rough without much maintenance.  They should only have to mow it once or twice per year.  Right now it’s being placed outside the offices and clubhouse at the new stadium being built for the New York Mets.  However, with its deep roots and its high aggressiveness, it should be perfect for sports fields and we expect sports turf managers will begin specifying it when it hits the market in limited quantities this fall.