AMMOS 22-0-0 with 40% smart nitrogen and sulfur

WHITE PLAINS, NY—Frustrated by ever-rising fertilizer costs? AMMOS 22-0-0 may be the answer. AMMOS combines the best benefits of slow-release nitrogen with the quick and cost-effective green-up provided by ammoniacal nitrogen and urea nitrogen.

Recently released by Growth Products, an industry pioneer in technically advanced liquid fertilizers, AMMOS is a clear liquid solution. In addition to nitrogen, it contains 4% sulfur in a neutral to slightly basic pH (7.5 – 8.0). AMMOS’s ammonium sulfate decomposes quickly when applied to soils, providing immediately available sulfur for turf uptake, while its elemental sulfur provides a longer-term sulfur release.

AMMOS is ideal for all areas of the county with alkaline soils. Specifically created for golf course fairways, lawn care applications, and sod farms, AMMOS provides ½ pound of nitrogen per 38 ounces. It mixes and applies easily and is compatible with most other fertilizers and pesticides. Derived 100 percent from American raw materials, AMMOS is an attractively priced solution for beautiful turf.

Growth Products, Ltd.