Funnel filters fuel costs

PALM CITY, FL—With gasoline and diesel prices rising, fuel efficiency is more important than ever.  Contaminants such as water, dirt and other debris can compromise the performance of fuel, raising the costs of running construction and landscaping equipment.  With the economical Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter, only clean fuel enters the engine, making every drop count.

Tainted fuel can cause corrosion, rust and microbial growth, leading to system failure and shutdown.  The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter protects engines, fuel injectors and tanks, ensuring efficiency and longevity.  This convenient funnel requires no replacement parts or maintenance and is self-cleaning.  Crafted from industrial strength polypropylene, the funnel is durable, yet lightweight.  Conductive, the funnel is safe to use anywhere.  The specially-coated stainless steel filter is non-stick.

This fast-flowing funnel combats refueling problems with gas, diesel, kerosene, 2-cycle mixed gas and heating oil and is available in four sizes. The F1 and F3 are ideal for small engines needing less than 5 gallons, while the F8 is best for larger jobs. The F15 employs dual filters and can be used at the pump.

The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter retails from $14 to $64.95.

Contact Mr. Funnel, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL  34990.;