Corona Clipper, a manufacturer of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden and landscape markets, was recently awarded a patent for a design element of its 19-inch fixed-tine leaf rakes, model numbers RK 62001 and RK 62061.

Leaf rakes used to share a common problem of weakness where the rake head joins the handle. Corona reviewed its leaf rake design and took on the challenge of devising a solution to this issue. After six months of testing and redesign, Corona found a way to reinforce the rivet on the RK 62001 and the RK 62061, greatly strengthening this area and effectively increasing the life of the tool.

“We were thrilled to be awarded a patent for the redesign of the 19-inch fixed-tine rakes,” said Jim Wolf, vice president of marketing for Corona Clipper.


Wolf said that according to testing done in 2007, the tines of a typical rake last 13,000 cycles of use, while Corona’s new patented design allows the tines of the RK 62001 and RK 62061 to easily withstand 44,500 cycles of use.

In addition to their new patented rivet design, both the RK 62001 and the RK 60261 feature tempered spring steel construction for greater durability and longer service life, and a bi-curved bow that applies even pressure to all 25 tines for maximum raking efficiency. While the RK 62001 rake offers a 54-inch wooden handle, the RK 62061 includes a 54-inch lightweight metal handle with an anti-slip vinyl sleeve.

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